Updates – 2024.01.10

Yet another list of fixes, updates and things that has been done lately:

  • Fixed water issue, now player swim normal.
  • Fixed potential error RejectedExecutionException.
  • Fixed startAttackStance, when player miss, he remained in combat mode constantly.
  • Fixed Tidal Wave and Whiplash skills for Magnus the Unicorn
  • Fixed broken items icons
  • Fixed Zakens door
  • Fixed LV3Orc AI
  • Fixed ClanHall fee task re-check, it’s supposed to be 1 day
  • Fixed Shadow items
  • Fixed summon skills
  • Fixed Servitor lifetime multipler
  • Fixed Invitation / Recommend bonus
  • Frintezza min/max parties settings
  • Added exp/sp rate for raids/grands
  • Fixed MinionSpawn passively delete minion from master list if no respawn is associated to it
  • Fixed Npc SocialAction if in a blocking status (dead, stunned, etc)
  • Fixed bug, when minion Zaken don’t spawn
  • Fixed problem, when healer not heal raidboss

Quests fixes:

  • Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance
  • Q220_TestimonyOfGlory
  • Q025_HidingBehindTheTruth
  • Q503_PursuitOfClanAmbition

Constant work on achievements – now collections are on the way. And a lot lot more… 



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