New players guide

How to join and start playing?

Download L2 client from any source. We have it too! Check the download section.

Now is a time to create an account on our server. Visit our Control Panel and create your account. 

Remember, choose your password wisely. Keep in mind to pass your active email address – in case you would need to restore access to account.


All new accounts get 2 days of premium free once a character hits level 10!

Get the L2 Barbarians Updater – and automatically downloads all files required for you to connect and play on our server.

You can also choose to download the patch and overwrite files on your fresh Interlude client installation. 

Yes… the fun begins!

Start the game, login with credentials you have created and have fun playing with Barbarians! Ahgrrrr!

See you in game!

Basic features worth to know about

Each Lineage 2 Private Server has different unique features. Some are easy to figure out – some are more tricky. We’ll try to show you here few most important things which will help you in game!

In game menu for players

Just type .menu and you will see some basic informations about rates, your premium status etc.

How to vote? What do I get for voting?

Voting is simple. Click on the banners on the website, vote, get back to game and type .getreward or .menu and click “Get reward” button.


As a reward for voting you will get Coin of Luck. You can spend it on some extra features, services, class changes etc. 

How to use NPC Buffer?

Until you reach 40 level you are able to get buffs absolutely for free. Just find NPC Buffer (Atylla) in every town / village and set your buff scheme. 


After 40 buffs will starts to costs you. But don’t worry – the price is set in a good relation to adena drop. It starts with small value and is increased with while you level up. 


Remember, you can use NPC buffer anywhere – even on huting grounds. Just type .menu and click “Get buffs”.


How to get Coin of Luck?

There are several options:

  • Vote for us – for each vote you get one CoL
  • Champions – for each killed champion mob you have a chance to get CoL
  • Events – some events has CoL as drops
  • Correctly solved bot protection captcha – there is a chance to get CoL as reward

GMShop? Where? Whats that?

Find NPC named Merkury – he has GMShop functions and will help you to use our unique features and services. 

Auction house - sell/buy items with CoL or Adena

Meet the Auctioneer – Livia Drusilla (Giran, near stairs).

Talk with her and check out what precious items and stuff she has to offer you for reasonable prices. 


You can sell your items too! Just click “Add auction”, select items, set a price and auction duration – and voila! 


Auctioned items are taken from sellers inventory. After auction is sold items are auto delivered to buyer while the seller gets his payment.


Vote for us

Vote at hopzone
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