Zaken’s Curse

Bonny, granddaughter of the great pirate Zaken is looking for help from you! She said: “Oh, now they’ve gone and done it! All the greedy people who have stolen from

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Coffer of shadows

The darkness is coming!!!If you don’t hurry the valorous knight Omega will be the slave of the Undead’s Legion and then hordes dead will rush in cities of Aden! Whats

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Lucky Pig

Whats that even about? From time to time, in different areas of L2 World, Lucky Pig – The Spirit of Fortune may appears! Those pigs are hungry… always hungry, begging for something

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Madness Invasion

One of the most characteristic feature of all creatures is their ability to feel emotions. All kind of emotions. Starting from happiness, through anger, compassion, longing – ending on sadness…

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RPG games are about developing of your character. And this is exactly a pure essense of what Lineage2 is about! We’d like to introduce you achievements – as a one

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