Rates and basics


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Skill Points

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Quest rates

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Server details

Server launch


Lineage 2 Interlude

We have the most stable and completed L2J server.


Anti DDoS, CPU Intel® Xeon® E-2136, RAM 64 GB, NVMe drives, Hourly backups.

Server timezone

GMT +2

Barbarians Shop

Creafully balanced. Without Pay2Win. To increase the pleasure of playing

Premium chars

Your char can become premium member of our society with access to various goods and services!

extra features

Dualbox allowed

Up to 5, based on hwid

Npc buffer

Basic buffs + basic dances. Avaiable outside the cities


You can obtain 1st, 2nd, 3rd occupation without making a quests

Auction house

Sell items with Adena or CoL

Achievements system

Complete achievements and get extra rawards!

Teleport Book

Add any location to book and teleport when you want!

Vote rewars

Coin Of Luck - for each vote!

Additional recipes spoil

  • MJ Robe 60% - Vampire Magician
  • NM Robe 60% - Vampire Wizard

Extra teleports

  • Goddard > FOG
  • Rune > Primeval Island
  • Teleports for Premium Chars

Save your inventory space!

Stackable all skill books & amulets, books of giants and enchants types

Tradeable quest items

Most common quest items are now tradeable - i.e. Fang of Stakato

Extra services for Premium Account users

Bonus rates

+50%: EXP and SP, +50%: adena, drop and spoil


Access to extra teleports

Access to unique services

Reduce PK, karma, nickname, colors changes, gender etc.

boosted quests

Increased quests items drop rate

Varka / Ketra; Forge of God; Giants Cave 1st & 2nd; ToI; and many others


Change of hearts

Collect hearts pieces. Play rock-paper-scissors with a Buzz The Cat and win special prize

Heavy Medal

Collect medals. Use them to raise your collectors level and exchange for special goods

L2 Day

Find letters. Build key words and get some unique rewards!

Santa Trainee

Find christmas trees ingredients. Exchange them for christmass tree and other goods

The Summer Squash

Plant a seed. Use your nectar skill. When  it growns up hit it with chrono weapons. Squashes drop is precious!

Zaken's Curse

Help Bonnie to break Zaken's curse casted on those, who tried to steal his treasure. Use special skills to release pigs from suffer and collect Apiga coins!

If you have an idea for a custom event – let us know! We are open for suggestions and ideas on how to make our Lineage 2 server the best!


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