Updates – 2024.06.02

New pack of fixes and tweaks:

  • Incorrect clanmember status for academic
  • ORFEN paralysis cast aoe
  • Clan name with space
  • Typos at castle manor npc
  • Manor – generally Z-axis is not checked anymore when deciding to which castle specific area belongs (was issue at some catas and ToI)
  • Q348 An Arrogant Search
  • Q633 Seductive Whispers
  • Tweaking range observed by NPC
  • Closest town message
  • Old Box – item fix
  • Silver Hemocyte item (potion not Q item)
  • Clan name create
  • FOG danger effect
  • BOSS Life Chant skill
  • Chaotic player (with karma) can use the BSoE: Castle || Clan Hall
  • Ice Fairy healers guards (29057) should be silenced if you killed RB before
  • Gordon RB
  • Pagans guards behavior
  • WizardSaintBasic AI
  • Weight update (on client side) after trading

And implementations:

  • Newly created characters should have initial skills on their shortcut bars
  • Castle Functions (exp, hp, mp)
  • Fishing at Hot Springs. Now you can catch items needed for the siege of Rainbow Springs Chateau.
  • Rework siegablehall. Clan can capture FortressOfResistance CH being another CH owner.
    Number of attackers > 1 (C4)
  • Add new AI RhamphoDecoPrimeval
  • Add new npc 32108
  • Medal Event – Louie Cat added (he respawn between some places)


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