Teleport Book

We’d like to introduce a new feature called Teleport Book. A book where you can add almost any location and teleport there with some small fee. 


Option is accessible from .menu. There is also a “?” button with detailed informations. 

After entering Teleport Book you’ll see some entries:


How does it work?
Did you see those entries in previous screen? You click on blue text and you get teleported to defined area…


How to add entry to my Teleport Book?
Type the name and hit “Add new” button. That’s all!


How much it costs?
There are two basic costs
For adding new entry – it costs some CoL; For using – price for each own teleport entry starts from 5k Adena and depends on your level.


Can I add any location?
Generally… yes – except Olympiad Stadion, Bosses and Castles areas


How many locations can I add?
No limits!


Why some locations has no remove button?
Those are predefined entries. You cannot remove them. Some are special – like for Mammons where you get teleported to the place where NPC is at the moment, not to fixed static location which might be empty at that time…


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