Updates – 2023.12.27

Some tweaks and fixes were implemented, most important are:

  • Discord <-> In Game Chat implementation – now all your shouts (“!message”) will be shown on #in-game-chat @Discord
  • Offline store fixes
  • Statue of Protection – mob in FourSepulchers quest – fixed petrification effect
  • SummonFriend function – used at Gate Chant for example – now friends will not be spawned at exact same point (which looks weird)
  • Fixed missing skill for Kabed’s Archer
  • Fixed broken animation for Leto Chief Talkin
  • Fixed respawn time for zombie_lord_crowl
  • Basic quests tweaks and small reworks
  • Q661_MakingTheHarvestGroundsSafe – Fixed reward
  • Q663_SeductiveWhispers – Tweaks
  • Pole attack fix – previously dead mobs were also damaged
  • Fixed summon stop action
  • Fixed issue when inventory weight not updated after entering the game
  • Fixed some other quests like, PathToAnArtisan, SeductiveWhispers
  • The Varka/Ketra fixed – now does not apply a debuff to an ally if dances/songs are used
  • Fixed Core, Orfen guard respawn

And a lot lot more… 



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