Updates – 2023.12.16

For over a month we have been working on a fixes and features which you might find interesting. Some are not fully operational yet, but it will happen within days! Stay tuned!

Achievements system  – still in test phase, but its a final lap! This is a set of extra “quests” which you do while playing. Not just killing mobs, but also specific actions counts like pvp, castle take over, enchanting items or skills, crafting and a lot others. 

Right now we have almost 30 fully working different achievements and more of’em will be added in a closest future. 

All will be announced soon and you will notice new NPC at Giran. 

Achievements key features are:

  • Daily achievements – which are reset each day, which means you can complete achievement and get a rewards every day!
  • Achievements stages / levels with different rewards for completing each stage
  • Fully automatic – you no need to take any action to participate in achievement, it is started by itself
  • Reward claiming

Implemented fixes and changes:

  • Changed approach to GeoStructure and Geo calculations
  • Edit heuristics for Euclidian,
  • Dropped PathFindBuffers system
  • Several spawnlist fixes (positions, mobs, respawn time)
  • Fixed Wrong parameter count for Solinas AI
  • Geo tweaks
  • Java upgrade
  • RainbowSpringsChateau rework
  • Territory Z-axis check
  • Raid private fix
  • Territory MaxIterations increased
  • Seeds fixes – some of’em were bounded to incorrect area/castles
  • Fix incorrect casting at some Npcs
  • Delete sync for WorldObject
  • Striders / Wyverns speed fix (was 0)
  • Fix 5 spawn territories
  • Lotto and race tickets reworked
  • Triangle3D class is dropped
  • RealDamage formula cleanup
  • Worldregion sync at setregion
  • Proper Queen Ant casting spell IDs
  • Fishes – including drop rate in extracting from fishes
  • RB Shaka – name unifying (C6 and GF naming differences)
  • Added bait for fishing in HS
  • Fixed AI Saint Ninja
  • Fixed 2 issue with pet (foods)
  • Holiday buffs – stack order
And a lot others which are mostly “behind the scene” fixes and tweaks.


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