Guide to be a Barbarian – Chapter II – levels 1-20

First levels, first steps

As a starting point I recommend following the in-game tutorial. Talk to newbie helper and then get the blue gemstone so that you receive soulshots/spiritshots, and talk to the newbie helper’s assistant and get more of them. 

Make level 6 either with gremlins or with the keltirs or other mobs nearby. Take the herbs for some nice extra buffs.

One you have level 6 go to town and talk to newbie guide, you should get a few more soulshots/spiritshots.

Visit Adventurer’s Guide and get an adventurer’s weapon coupon that you can exchange for a no-grade weapon of choice. The weapon should allow you to reach level 20 without any issues. For fighters go for highest PAtk, and for mages go for highest MAtk.

 The weapon should allow you to reach level 20 without any issues. 

Furthermore, get free buffs from the town buffer Atylla, you should receive strong buffs that will allow you to easily level up. 

Regarding armors, you can find details about armor sets here Once you have the money, I recommend these options:

  • If you are a mage - Devotion set - for extra casting speed
  • If you are a fighter - Wooden set - for extra HP and armor

Once you reach level 8-9, you will run out of soulshots/spiritshots. You have 2 options, either buy them from grocery stores in town or follow the in-game guide and get a lot of them from the quest. 

Useful quests

You can find al list with quests here with rewards and levels to take: Just note that we are playing on an Interlude server, so we do not have Kamael. There are walkthroughs too but not for all the quests. Where you cannot find a walkthrough, I suggest searching on Google, most of the quests have a walkthrough and detailed guides somewhere. 

Also do not forget that you can freely teleport until level 40, so feel free to explore. 

Once you reach level 19 you can start the quest for the class change. You can buy the quest item from the Barbarian Service NPC shop with Adena or pay CoL (Coin of Luck, alternate currency for Barbarians) to the Class Manager NPC. 

Some useful quests are:

  • Collect Spores, level 8, Elven Village (Trader Herbiel), rewards nice amounts of Adena, and it is repeatable. Highly recommended
  • Each race should have a quest for weapon around level 9, it is weaker than the adventurer’s guide weapon, but you can sell it for Adena
  • Shards of Golem, level 10, Talking Island Village (Magister Harrys) rewards Wooden Breastplate that you can use for either the Wooden set or you can sell it for Adena
  • Legacy of the Poet, level 11, Elven Village (Sentinel Starden), rewards Adena and Curse of the Underground Fortress, level 12, Elven Village, (Trader Unoren), rewards Adena and Bone shield, both quests have the same location for mobs. Dark Elfs cannot take those quests though
  • Dwarven Kinship, level 15, Dark Elven Village (Warehouse Freightman Carlton), rewards Adena and you only need to teleport around a bit
  • Will the Seal be Broken, level16, Dark Elven Village (Tetrarch Talloth), Dark Elfs only, rewards Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade D) with should be useful later, or you can sell it to other players
  • Sweetest Venom, level 18, Dark Elven Village (Astaron), rewards nice amounts of Adena, and it is repeatable. Highly recommended
  • Walk of Fate, level 20, Orc Village (Seer Livina) , rewards adena and Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade D). Easy Quest

You need to be level 20 to do the actual class change. Congratulations if you followed us so far!


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