Introducing - Champions

L2Barbarians champions are not the same as you might know from other servers. There is a 5% chance to single mob respawn as a Champion. Only mob with hp multipler lower or equal to 2 can be a champion, so x4 mob (catacombs) can’t be a champ. 

Blue aura and special title will show you Champions!

Champions key features:

  • Champions evolves from a mobs with HP multiplier up to x2
  • Stats: HP x3, other stats are the same as normal mobs
  • Exp/SP/Adena: x5 (x7 - for premium account users)
  • Drop/Spoil: x5 (x7) - when you have PA (x5 drop) your end drop-rate value from a champion will equal 5x7 = x35
  • Bonus drop: 5% for Coin Of Luck, doubled when killed with subclass char
  • Extra Enchant drop - armor/weapon with chances depending on level
  • Champions are speaking... and are not ashamed to ask other monsters for help in nailing you down - be aware!


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