Is it still worth playing Lineage 2 Interlude in 2023?

Lineage 2 Interlude is a popular MMORPG game that has been around for more than a decade. Despite the release of newer versions, many players still enjoy playing the Interlude version. But the question remains – is it still worth playing Lineage 2 Interlude in 2023, specialy on private server like L2Barbarians? In this article, we will explore the reasons why Lineage 2 Interlude is still a worthwhile game to play.

Why to play Lineage2 Interlude on L2Barbarians?

Firstly, Lineage 2 Interlude has a dedicated player base that continues to enjoy the game. This means that there is still an active community of players to interact with and join in on epic battles. The sense of camaraderie and competition that exists in the game can be an attractive factor for those looking for a fun and engaging multiplayer experience.

Secondly, Lineage 2 Interlude offers a challenging gameplay experience. The game is known for its open-world PvP, which can be both exhilarating and intense. The game is also known for its complex class system, which requires players to put in time and effort to master their chosen class. For players who enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of mastering a complex game, Lineage 2 Interlude can be an attractive option.

Thirdly, Lineage 2 Interlude is a game that offers a great deal of content. There are a variety of quests, dungeons, and raids that offer different challenges and rewards. This means that players can enjoy a diverse range of content, keeping the game fresh and interesting. The ability to explore new content and engage in new challenges can keep players coming back for more.

Finally, Lineage 2 Interlude offers a nostalgia factor for long-time players. The game has been around for over a decade and has many fond memories attached to it. For players who have played the game in the past, revisiting it can be a trip down memory lane. The game also offers a classic gameplay experience that may be hard to find in newer games, which can be an attractive factor for those seeking a classic gaming experience.


Playing Lineage 2 Interlude in 2023 is still worth it for those seeking a fun, challenging, and content-rich gaming experience. The game’s dedicated player base, challenging gameplay, diverse content, and nostalgia factor make it a worthwhile game to play. So, if you are looking for an MMORPG game that offers all of these features, Lineage 2 Interlude and L2Barbarians private server may be the game for you.


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