Updates – 2024.01.29

Yet another list of fixes, updates and things that has been done lately:

  • Boss healers fix
  • Mammons – adjusted to L2OFF
  • PcCafe event tweaks 
  • Refactor Duels. Abnormal effects are now properly cleansed
  • PvP Events tweaks
  • SoE/teleports on mount – fix
  • Few broken icons – fix
  • Siege guards – fix onSpellSee reaction
  • Multisell from L2OFF; Mammon gets fists!
  • Reduce hero weapons weight to 0
  • Lot of tweaks about geo-pathfinding and returning home of mobs and npcs
  • Root & DisturbUndead – no exp fix
  • New event: Madness invasion – more info later.. thnx Tubruk for great idea!
  • Fixed clan hall support size
  • Craft window – correct number of items after craft – thnx Tubruk for the report
  • Discord integration tweaks 

Constant work on achievements – its really really close! 

And a lot lot more work has been done “behind the scene”. Impossible to list’em all (since last update – 160 changes commited). 



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