Lucky Pig

Whats that even about?

From time to time, in different areas of L2 World, Lucky Pig – The Spirit of Fortune may appears!

Those pigs are hungry… always hungry, begging for something to eat. What they eat you may ask? – well, ANYTHING. Literally anything. Just drop stuff on the ground and watch how they stuff themselves! When pig gets full it may explode!

Depending on what pig ate two kind of pigs may appears – Big Lucky Pig or Gold Lucky Pig. Both drops some various goods – just kill it.

Remember, you have only 10 minutes to feed the pig!


  • Mantras – water / fire / wind – collect mantras and exchange for Soul Crystals!
  • Coin Of Luck
  • Material sacs, similar as on Achievements (Low and High)
  • Ancient Adena


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