Updates – 2024.03.11

Another set of updates and fixes:

  • Fixes of extractable items (like fishes) – some were slightly bugged
  • Rates display at drop window on monster shift+click
  • PvP events HTML messages
  • Fix castle tax system to be as retail
  • Fix “upper roof” NPCs.
  • Fix castle tax system to be as retail (not finished yet)
  • Remove doublons over Residence npcIds.
  • Added npcId 35552  proper HTMs
  • Fix inventory update upon teleport
  • Fix Seven Signs individual stone contribution method
  • Fix Q372 reward table and drop rate
  • Fix Benom teleports out
  • Don’t show Crystallize icon on inventory for Bounty Hunters (CT1 GP1).
  • Tweaks with weight calculactions

And tons others, behind the scene


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