Madness Invasion

One of the most characteristic feature of all creatures is their ability to feel emotions. All kind of emotions. Starting from happiness, through anger, compassion, longing – ending on sadness…

Have you ever wonder how many monsters you’ve killed? Maybe they had families, brothers and sisters, kids and parents… Oh yes, they had. And yes – they do think about it. About every life-spark you took away from their beloved, relatives and close ones. Even from undeads! Over and over, every single day. And some times, not too often, but from time to time they get really, really mad. 

And what then you wonder? Well… they INVADE OUR WORLD!!!

Whats even about?

From time to time champions become stronger (red circle), appears more frequently and are acting a bit more crazy. Kill as many you can!


  • Enchants – depending on champion level (from EAD to EWS)
  • Coin Of Luck
  • Boosted drop rate


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