Updates – 2024.02.29

Another set of updates and fixes:

  • Achievements – some rewards tweaks, and integration with tutorial question mark button
  • Extra spawns of some npcs – removed 
  • Tutorial tweaks – new chars will get some short server info in tutorial window
  • Premium status & messages on char enter game
  • NPC Buffer cleanup, optimisations, payment fix
  • Stackato AI tweaks
  • Madness invasion tweaks
  • Fixed Cat’s Eye Bandit animation
  • AuctionHouse html fix
  • Fix PDAM calculation
  • Rework SkillList packet
  • Fixed onClanAttacked trigger  (mobs clan)
  • TRex spawns tweaks – now all respawsns within 500-600 sec. Some extra Tyrannosaurus spawns at night time. Extra TRex spawns at Sailren RB
  • Q635_InTheDimensionalRift – some exception fix
  • WorkInProgress on some new small event
  • Implemented hopzone voting again


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