Updates – 2024.03.19

Last pack of last fixes and tweaks in our Lineage2 Interlude private server:

  • Lucky Pig eventcheck out for more details about our new event!
  • Fix – Shop with shadow B-grade weapons
  • RaidBoss spawn tweaks
    • Remmel, Hellion, Ikuntai – fixes
    • Changed RaidBoss Default Respawn Time to 20h +/- 8h (including Cabrio, Kernon, Golkonda, Hellate, Barakiel), which means 12h – 28h window. Control Panel shows respawn time more accurate (+/- 45 min).
    • Respawn of Grand Bossess, Sailren, Golem from Dr Chaos, High Priestess van Halter – kept as on retail
  • Private craft shop – craft list fix, thnx Tubruk for report
  • Buy shop – item quantity fix, thnx Tubruk for report
  • Player overwright fix
  • Tons of HTML fixes
  • Fix undying for Abyssal Jewel
  • Fix teleport from Boss Zone

And tons others, behind the scene


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