Updates – 2023.10.26

The big Lineage2 Interlude update is finally here! 

  • New AI of monsters and bosses 
    • new behavior
    • new skill usage
    • bss/ss usage (with low chance)
    • even non aggro mobs can attack if their clan is attacked
    • obstacles honoring and avoiding 
    • and many more
  • Boats – works as expected (boats messages are silenced)
  • Spawns – reworked
  • Siegablehalls – reworked
  • Rift – reworked
  • Primeval Island – reworked
  • Path finding method – reworked

What has been fixed:

  • Valley Of Saints – spawns issues
  • Moving in water – often stucks
  • Manor – fixed places where players couldnt sow
  • Petitions system
  • Clan management dialogues (with npc)
  • Fishing zones
  • Bossess in generall (AQ, Zaken doors, Benom etc)
  • AOE skill usage error – “cannot use in peace zone” thing
  • Some quests has been adjusted / tweaked / fixed
  • Some skills (missed, incorrect stats etc)
  • Shadow wpns issues
  • Small visual issues (like walks, turns around, skills etc)
And a tons tons of different smaller things… 


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