Hi5 Fundraising

Update: September 1st, 2023

We made it!

We have raised enough money to buy Hi5 one of best Hi5 source codes! Well done guys!


What we know so far? What will be transferred?

All or almost all. If something from your chars won’t be transfered we’ll try to restore it manually.

What will not be transferred for sure?

Customs like textures (NPC), hats etc. 


Let’s be realistic – it’s a lot of manual work and it will take quite some time. Can’t say precisely but at least couple weeks or more.


What is all about?

Some of you guys said L2 Interlude is poor in a matter of end-game entertaiment. Some said that Interlude is not balanced, is Destroyers Chronicle, easy raids… and at the end of day – in fact boring. Finally someone bring up the idea of “upgrading” L2Barbarians into something newer, something better, something which could bring more entertaiment, fun and attract new players. 


Upgrading to something “newer” is not an easy thing to do. In fact it is more like replacing current server files with some different. 

However in these days its really hard to find usefull, worth to check, stable and complete server files. We have spent some time on digging around and comparing numerous versions of many different “packs” and the most stable and worth seems to be the L2JEternity pack of Hi5 Chronicle server based on L2J.

They also support not just Hi5 L2 client, but also some newer (i.e. Salvation), which seems to be an interesting thing to have…  

Most servers, in such’a situations, starts all over again… sou may ask – does it mean a wipe?

I can’t assure you there wont be a wipe – I don’t want to gove you false hopes, but I’d really like to avoid that. It really depends on the server files – are they compatible enough to make a migration, or not. But what I can assure you is that if all goes well we’ll find a way to migrate whatever we can.

What keeps us from switching to Hi5 then?

Money… Those server files are not free, and are not even cheap. If we’d like to think about normal server we must have access to full source code, which costs about 340€ (34k rubles). Details on their forums.


If you like to participate in fundraising, wants to help and move us a little bit closer to Hi5 – make any donation (standard transfer) with PayPal to [email protected]. Any amount counts! 

We’ll close donation window at the end of August. If we can’t raise enough money ’till then I’ll make a refounds to those who contributed – thats why I don’t want to mix these donations with normal one.