We bring you stable, old-fashioned, longterm L2 Interlude server where you can play and have fun!
Don't waste your time on different servers. Invite your friends and play with us!

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The Rise of barbarians

We are here for you!

L2 Barbarians - the most stable Interlude server

After many months of constant, hard work we've finally made a huge step further in L2 World, and we are ready for all of you to come, play and have great time on our L2 Interlude server!

Perfectly working geodata, mobs, skills, areas, bossess... it is all for your pleasure. Don't resist anymore.

Join and play with us on L2 Barbarians - Interlude private server x5


L2 Barbarians Team



No wipe, anty-ddos

Server time

GMT +2
started at 6th Sep, 2022

GM Shop

Balanced, without P2W


x 5

Skill points

x 5


x 5


x 5


x 5



Allowed (up to 5)

Class masters

No quests required


Fully working

Quest drop

premium bonusses

Bonus rates


Buff scrolls

Hourly buffs

NPC Buffer

Basic & Premium

Premium services

Karma, PK reduce, gender, colors, nick change,

You can check full features list here.