Updates – 2023.02.10

  • Custom Accessories – now available in Service Shop – check’em out!
  • Premium Account – additional date validation for those, who wanted to tricke the system
  • Champions – some texts and speaking tweaks
  • SchemeBuffer – each change in schemes are instantly saved in DB – before changes were saved on server shutdown only
  • Drops – reworked drop system. As you might know drop rates affects the category chance, not single item chance. Before, when category chance (because of rates, champions, etc) were > 100% the single item (mostly mats) quantity was multipled. Now, instead of simply increasing quantity of single dropped item server tries to make multiple draws. Thats why Instead of getting like for example 10 varnishes from single champion (because rates make quantity multipled 10 times), u might get 10 different drops. This is a first version and ofcourse it needs to be tweaked a bit. 


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