Updates – 2022.07.12

  • Roulette - first one from a series of Casino Games just landed in our world! Check Fat Luck Croupier (at Giran)
  • Roulette rules - similar to official ones (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roulette)
  • How to play? - get Gambling Chips from GM shop (with Adena or CoL) and place a bet at Fat Luck Croupier
  • Prizes? - when you win a bet your prize will be Winners Chips. How many? Depends on a bet type and amount you set! You can have even 36:1! Next you can exchange'em (at Donate Shop) for some unique goods.
  • Look out - gambling is addictive! Good luck y'all!

* Can’t see Croupier? Or Chips? Update your Game Client! 


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