Updates – 2022.05.10

  • Shadow Wpn Coupons (C) - now you can get Pa'agrian Sword (C) and Pa'agrian Hammer (C) (120min)
  • Seven Sings - because of last issues we've decided to bring mammons to Giran ('till next s7 cycle)
  • Seven Signs - and open s7 dungeons for both sides ('till next s7 cycle)
  • Seven Signs - and nerf all curses
  • Protect Gremlins Program - they in danger of extinction, so .xpoff disables exp gain and event drops
  • Bodvar Bjarki (Buffer) - small fix with initial screen on edit scheme view
  • GM Shop - added missing 2nd class marks (thanks for reports!)
  • GM Shop - fixed the price for accessories
  • GM Shop - Tyrannosaurus Claw and Blood Mark added


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