Announcement – 2022.09.02

Whats going on?

Sometimes we are just facing situation when we hit a wall with our head with no success and in fact… even no slightly chance to success. This exactly describes current status of our server. Sometimes we just have to step back…


It all means we are facing problems which we couldn’t predict, expect, and prepare for. Last found bugs seems to be impossible to fix without serious and really, really time consuming rework on 80% of server code.


So it bring us to the main question which must be asked here – what’s the point? Is is even worth?

What does it mean?

It means we are in a crossroad – keep old server files with bugs unable to fix… but somehow “working”. Or make a step back, get better server files and try to implement only those features which are really good for players to start server as soon as possible. 


We have choosed the stability and proper game experience. We take a step back… but only to take a run-up!

Ok! so whats the plan?

We are going to start L2Barbarians 2.0 – based on different, more stable / completed / actively supported server files (not just by few… but by bigger community). 


But most important – server files without those stupid bugs which we were strugleing with for last few weeks. Server files with full content, working properly quests, skills, items, monsters, locations etc. Server files which could be a good “base” for any L2 project.

How it gonna work?

  • Current server will be avaiable for next few days, but eventually it will be removed. All chars/items as well.​
  • We will start open beta server with fresh database and some basic settings. Everyone is welcome to join and test things in “beta mode”.
  • We start to work on beta for next few weeks to bring L2Barbarians in MVP formula (minimum viable product) – so we will focus only on critical things. All other functionalities will be transfered in close future.

We'll try to avoid mistakes from our past

  • Box limit? 1+3
  • Bots? Actively eliminated… no more full pt left to farm.
  • Less customs, more real L2 Interlude fully working content (bossess, areas, items, skills, quests etc)

How do you like it? Want to discuss? Have ideas? Find us on Discord!


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